Here's a lovely engagement that I had the great pleasure to shoot a few weeks ago! When I first talked with this future bride on the phone, I learned that she is a photographer herself so we connected right away. I knew that I wanted to incorporate her love for photography in the engageemnt session. She told me that her and her fiance really like to take "selfies" everywhere they go. I thought that it was really cute to take a picture of them taking a "selfie" because it represents them very well! We didn't only have fun with the camera but we got really lucky with the weather and scenery. We went to Minnewanka Lake for the session and as most of you know, this lake is always windy and it is really rare that you can see a perfect reflection, a few minutes after we got there the wind stop and create a picture perfect reflection! Wow, it created awesome photos that I probably won't be able to ever redo!! Congrats to the both of you on your engagement and I look forward your wedding day in August, I'm sure that we will have lots of fun!